Poteet Construction is a proud distributor of BarrierGuard 800®

BarrierGuard 800® is a lightweight, energy absorbing, longitudinal steel barrier for temporary or permanent installation. Positive protection allows your workers to focus on their jobs instead of worrying about their safety.

NCHRP 350 Approved TL-4

BarrierGuard 800® has been tested to meet the highest performance standards in the world. Approved by most State DOT’s and the Federal Highway Administration at TL-4, BarrierGuard 800® will save you time and money. Far superior to concrete for vehicle deflection, vehicle roll overs and overall impact damage.

Size Specifications:

  • 60lbs per linear foot
  • 31.5" (800mm) tall
  • 9" (228.6mm) wide at top
  • 21" 9533.4mm) wide at bottom
  • 1.75" (31/75mm) clearance for drainage
  • ATSM 123 Galvanized for long product life (20 years)
  • Available in 10, 20, 40 & 50 ft sections

The benefits of BarrierGuard 800® far outweigh the traditional use of concrete:

  • 600ft - 750ft per truckload
  • 1,000ft per hour installation
  • Limited anchoring
  • Rugged 20+ years life cycle
  • Transitions to all industry standard end treatments
  • Transitions to concrete and guardrail
  • Recyclable

Transport 600 ft in one truckload vs. 100 ft with concrete

BarrierGuard 800® average time to install is 1,ooo ft in one hour vs. 200 - 300 ft with temporary concrete

Set a 40 ft section of BarrierGuard 800® - 2,500 lbs - in 40 seconds

Tighten one bolt

Next thing you know, you are done!

The secret to rapid and easy installation/removal is the Quick Connect system